What Does Your Success Look Like?

Developing Partnerships

We all know that the world today has changed. Every industry has been affected, including printing. There is more pressure with fewer options. Plants are closing. Competition is increasing. In times like these, we believe it is imperative to form strategic relationships with our distributor partners. We actively seek ways to help you sell to your customers, whether that involves investing in new technology, developing new processes or providing test samples. We are also active by sponsoring and participating in industry events. Together, we can succeed in a rapidly changing economy and an increasingly competitive industry.

We also feel our expertise and partnership can improve your customer satisfaction and bottom line. We will work with you to provide the customized solutions you need, one of which may include finding ways to reduce costs.




A local distributor had a large program established with a marketing company to provide them with preprinted marketing materials. They were looking for ways to cut costs. We were able to streamline their processes in order to get their costs down, and therefore we were able to capture the business. Our suggestions included changing to one standard paper stock, a select list of standard inks, and redesigning the artwork to include lockup. Our full prepress department allowed us to handle and modify their artwork as necessary to keep the layout and color consistent.

Embracing New Technology

We are now living in the age of the empowered client. The companies that win are those who truly engage their customers. That means using social technologies, and enabling your company to talk to clients and treat them as partners. Distributors have become innovative with new products and strategies for customized marketing and branding packages.

Over the past few years, we have expanded our technology and products by adding flexo, digital, variable data, jumbo roll and coated stock capabilities. We have also enhanced our services by upgrading our software to provide real-time job updates. While we still value our core business form products, we are a financially strong company that is committed to diversifying and investing in the best technology in the market today




We started working with a local distributor who wanted to earn new business from a large local company. Representatives from the end company met jointly with us and our distributor. Together, we toured our facility, and the end company was pleased with the results. We proceeded to set up the artwork and run some test forms. During the test process, we decided to invest in some new equipment to provide a higher quality barcode on the end product. We also recommended a change in paper stock to save money. The end company ended up awarding us the business, and we have now been producing large volume orders for them for over several years.

Solving Problems

Many times, the way to land that first order with a new client is to solve a problem they are having. We are dedicated to working with you to help you accomplish this. Each of our employees, while personally responsible for their individual work, also helps others in arriving at solutions to problems. All departments approach quality with an open mind, and work collaboratively to ensure customer satisfaction. We also have a committee that is continually addressing how to improve our products, lower our costs, and ensure consistency. This committee monitors and evaluates various aspects of our order process to maximize the probability that our standards of quality are being attained.



We worked with a distributor who had a specialized preprinted check program with a mail house. They were having a lot of problems with offsetting and dry time, so we offered to produce the orders with UV drying on both front and back. This move allowed us to earn the business, and solved several problems for the end user. The ink was cured immediately using our UV technology, allowing the forms to be imaged as soon as they were received by the end user. The UV drying also resulted in sharper color without offsetting.

Creating Solutions

We believe there are still opportunities to continue to grow your print business. The opportunity to gain market share can be found by being innovative in the sales process to solve problems and continue to look for better ways to meet the needs and goals of your clients. As a manufacturer, it is important for us to continue investing in the latest technology, adding new product capabilities,and collaborating with our distributor partners o create solutions vital to the long-term success of the independent print market. Each opportunity can define value in a different way. We will work hard with you to discover what that value is in each opportunity.




We worked with a local distributor on a machine-applied label item that he was producing with a different vendor. The distributor was having several quality problems and was looking to move the order to a vendor who could eliminate those issues. We developed a customized checklist and quality control process specific to this item. We have been running this order for over a year now without issue.

Seeking Growth

The demand for labels continues to rise, which opens an opportunity for you to grow your sales. However, the label market can be complex. The opportunity to solve problems and offer solutions can be overwhelming. We can help! We aren’t just a forms company anymore. We’ve expanded into flexographic printing, which has rapidly become our fastest growing product line. One of the most common flexo applications in our industry includes labels. Our expertise and knowledge of flexo printing will exceed your expectations. Our experienced product management team can help you understand the different materials, and select ideal adhesive and material combinations for your client’s application. We can produce almost any custom label that you need. Our UV flexo presses are capable of 6 color, dual-side printing with inline variable data and die cutting, with web widths up to 10”. The end product may be produced in roll, sheet or fanfold format

The Royal Difference

Why use Royal for your flexo printing needs?

  • We sell to the trade only
  • We have brand new, top-of-the-line UV production equipment combined with an experienced product manager and press operators
  • We have in-house plate making which allows us to provide quick turns
  • You can work with our current sales team for both your form printing and flexo printing needs
  • We have a committee that is constantly addressing how to improve our products, lower our costs, and ensure consistency so we can help you earn and retain business
  • Our formal quality program has fail-safes at each process to help prevent product defects and assure customer satisfaction
  • Our experienced product management team will help you choose the best adhesive and material combination for your label or other flexo application


A distributor came to us with a unique label, matte with a spot gloss pattern overlay. The order had been produced by a different vendor, but the ink started chipping off the bottles once the label was applied. The original vendor remade the labels with their proposed solution and it was supposed to be better but had the same disappointing result. The distributor reached out to us and after a couple of meetings, we had a detailed analysis of the label and a proposed solution to the problem. We produced samples at no charge for our distributor to show their client. The end result was a much more durable label achieving this same tricky design all at a very competitive price point. The end client placed an order with this new alternative and, in the words of our distributor: “Thanks to Royal, I feel confidence has been restored.”.