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We all know that the world today has changed. Every industry has been affected, including printing. There is more pressure with fewer options. Plants are closing. Competition is increasing. In times like these, we believe it is imperative to form strategic relationships with our distributor partners. We actively seek ways to help our distributors sell to their customers, whether that involves investing in new technology, developing new processes or providing test samples. Together, we can succeed in a rapidly changing economy and an increasingly competitive industry.

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Our expertise and knowledge of flexographic printing (often abbreviated to flexo) will exceed your expectations. Flexo is a form of printing which utilizes a flexible relief plate. It can be used for printing on almost any type of substrate, including adhesives, plastic, metallic films, cellophane, and paper.One of the most common applications in our industry includes labels. We can produce almost any custom label that you need. Our UV flexo press is capable of 6 color, dual-side printing with inline variable data and die cutting, with web widths up to 10”. The end product may be produced in roll or sheet format with the possibility for fanfold.


Why use Royal for your flexo printing needs?

  • We sell to the trade only
  • We have brand new, top-of-the-line UV production equipment combined with an experienced product manager and press operators
  • We have in-house plate making which allows us to provide quick turns
  • You can work with our current sales team for both your form printing and flexo printing needs
  • We have a committee that is constantly addressing how to improve our products, lower our costs, and ensure consistency so we can help you earn and retain business
  • Our formal quality program has fail-safes at each process to help prevent product defects and assure customer satisfaction
  • Our experienced product management team will help you choose the best adhesive and material combination for your label or other flexo application


Our flexo printing capabilities

  • Web widths up to 10”
  • 6 color capabilities (or 5 plus coating)
  • In-house flexo plate making
  • Inline variable data or coding on back
  • Inline diecutting
  • UV flexo inks and coatings
  • Specialty water-born coatings
  • Dual side printing
  • Roll or sheet format with the possibility to add fanfold
  • Delaminating/relaminating for printing on adhesive


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Keep in mind that there are three key elements in a pressure sensitive label stock: face stock, release liner, and adhesive.

  • Face Stock: 

Face stock is the material of the label that carries the imprint.  The print can be applied by methods ranging from desktop printers to industrial printing presses.  Face stock materials are typically coated or uncoated paper or films that include polyester, polypropylene, vinyl and Tyvek®.  The type of face stock chosen depends on the intended use of the label.

  • Release Liner:

A release liner is a film, paper or paper material that is coated with silicone.  In the manufacturing process, a silicone coating is applied to the liner material, followed by an application of adhesive.  The face stock is then laminated to the adhesive and the finished material is wound into rolls. The silicone coating ensures clean removal of the face stock and adhesive from the release liner.

  • Adhesive:

Pressure sensitive adhesives are specially compounded to adhere to a wide variety of materials. To adhere firmly to the intended item, the label must be applied firmly either by hand or by specialized automated equipment.

  • Important considerations for your label:

When designing and ordering a custom label, it is important to choose an adhesive that is well suited for the tasks that your labels will perform.  There are three key components to consider when choosing the proper label adhesive:  time, texture and temperature.

Time refers to the duration that the label needs to remain adhered to a surface.  We can provide varying levels of adhesives from removable to permanent.  Consider how long your label needs to stick before deciding upon an adhesive, or consult with us for suggestions.

Another important factor to consider in selecting a label adhesive is the texture of the surface on which the label will be applied.  If the surface is rough and uneven, the label will need an aggressive adhesive in order to adhere.  If the surface is smooth and even, a less aggressive adhesive is required.

Finally, consider the temperature at the time of application and the temperature range during the service life of the label. For example, if the label will be applied to a product at room temperature but will subsequently be stored in a freezer, choose an adhesive that will adhere at room temperature and remain on the package when frozen. Conversely, adhesives designed for application to frozen products in freezer conditions may not be suitable for use on a label designed for application or use at elevated temperatures.


Creative  Division

Our Creative Division focuses on overall project management and consulting. Our expert staff will manage your entire project from start to finish, saving you time dealing with multiple vendors or multiple processes.

Products and services:

  • MICR documents including checks, self-mailers and rebate programs
  • X9 standard compliance for MICR documents
  • High color check applications
  • Self-mailers; both traditional and pressure seal
  • Personalized mailings
  • Co-mingling and USPS Full Service Mailer discounts
  • Special packaging including finseal overwrapping and kitting
  • Stickers and labels including variable data
  • Lenticular printing including variable data
  • Plastic and Paper Cards
  • Onserted label applications


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