tim van norman   CELEBRATES 40 YEARS

March 19, 2019 - Tim Van Norman, Production Manager, has reached an exciting milestone of 40 years of service at Royal. While attending North Hennepin Technical College, Tim started his career with Royal in 1979 as a Press Operator. After many years as a dedicated Press Operator, Tim became a Production Supervisor and is currently Royal’s Production Manager. Tim is in charge of scheduling and monitoring all phases of the production process, and is also one of the leaders on our Process Improvement Committee. Tim lives in Champlin, MN with his wife Julie, and enjoys golfing and fishing. Thank you Tim for your 40 years of dedicated service!



February 6, 2019 – Royal, one of the Midwest’s leading independent print manufacturers, announced today that Tim Urness is now the sole managing owner of the company, effective immediately. Tim succeeds Ron Urness, who was the company’s founder in 1977 and has successfully led Royal since that time.

Tim has held many positions at Royal over the past 25 years. While working on his Business Management Degree at the University of St. Thomas, Tim worked as a plate maker and Customer Service Representative. After graduating, Tim worked as an Account Manager, Sales Manager, Vice President, and most recently, President. Tim’s history with the company has given him the vision to understand and implement customer-driven solutions. He enjoys working with the sales team on new business opportunities and on long-term business planning.

“I am excited to have this opportunity to serve as Royal’s second owner,” Tim said. “With our company’s distinguished 40-year history of serving print distributors, I look forward to continuing to find ways to grow our brand, move our company forward and deliver the highest level of service possible to our customers.”

 “I am very pleased to welcome Tim as Royal’s new owner,” said Ron Urness, the company’s previous owner. “His vision will ensure the future success of the company.”


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Keith futhey    CELEBRATES 40 YEARS

November 27, 2018 - Keith Futhey, Plant Manager, has reached an exciting milestone of 40 years of service at Royal. Keith has previously served as a Collator Operator and Shift Supervisor. Keith manages the production floor and makes sure orders travel through as smoothly as possible. Keith’s favorite things about Royal are the skills and work ethic of the employees. He enjoys bowling, golfing, fishing, hunting, riding motorcycles, and home remodeling projects. Thank you Keith for your 40 years of service!



May 1, 2018 - Karen Lindquist, our Order Processing Specialist, has reached an exciting milestone of 40 years of service at Royal. Karen started her career at Royal in May of 1978. She started working at the end of the collator and also doing bindery work. This provided a great opportunity to learn the forms manufacturing process. In Karen's current role as Order Processing Specialist, she goes over each order to make sure all job information is entered accurately, and she also creates our job tickets. Karen's hobbies include knitting, walking, reading and spending time with her grandchildren.

"We are so thankful for Karen's amazing work ethic and dedication," said President Tim Urness. "We would not be the company we are today without her."


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April 8, 2018 - After a successful relaunch of our website, we have expanded our online activities.We are excited to use the LinkedIn platform to share industry news, and present ideas and product solutions. Follow us today at www.linkedin.com/company/royalbfp/.



November 9, 2017 - A group of local PSDA members gathered in Eagan, MN, with the theme of "Giving and Growing: An Afternoon of Service and Innovation." The group participated in a 90-minute food packing session at Feed My Starving Children, where they helped make meals that will feed 98 children for a year. "What a great opportunity to step out of the office, gain perspective, and focus on serving others, " said Tim Urness, President of Royal. After the food packing session, the group participated in networking and building relationships. They spent time in a roundtable discussion sharing ideas on technology, challenges in the industry, and how we can further enhance manufacturer and distributor partnerships. Royal was proud to be a Gold sponsor of the event.


Royal Celebrates 40th Anniversary

October 4, 2017 – Royal has reached an exciting milestone as the company celebrates 40 years of print excellence and innovation.

Ron Urness, currently Sole Director, founded Royal Business Forms & Printing, Inc. in October 1977 after spending 12 years working for Holden Business Forms. As the founder and original President of Royal, Ron has experienced and worked in every position in one form or another over the years. Ron still plays an active role in overseeing the day-to-day operations of the business while keeping focused on making the decisions necessary for long-term success. Ron’s philosophy has been to keep company debt to a minimum while consistently reinvesting profits back into the business, allowing Royal to evolve and grow. In 1977, Royal only produced snapout forms; today, their state-of-the-art equipment and processes have made them a market leader for traditional business forms, labels, cut sheets, jumbo rolls, checks and digital print products.

Five of Royal’s first 10 employees still work for the company, and 46 of their current 62 employees have been with Royal for 10 or more years.

Ron says his favorite thing about Royal is “the cooperation we get from all the great people here. Our team gets on board quickly with the changes necessary to run a successful business. I enjoy watching everyone contribute to our success.”

Royal would like to thank all of their partners who have contributed to their success in the past, present and future.

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We worked with a local distributor on a machine-applied label item that he was producing with a different vendor. The distributor was having several quality problems and was looking to move the order to a vendor who could eliminate those issues. We developed a customized checklist and quality control process specific to this item. We have been running this order for over a year now without issue.


We worked with a distributor who had a specialized preprinted check program with a mail house. They were having a lot of problems with offsetting and dry time, so we offered to produce the orders with UV drying on both front and back. This move allowed us to earn the business, and solved several problems for the end user. The ink was cured immediately using our UV technology, allowing the forms to be imaged as soon as they were received by the end user. The UV drying also resulted in sharper color without offsetting.


We started working with a local distributor who wanted to earn new business from a large local company. Representatives from the end company met jointly with us and our distributor. Together, we toured our facility, and the end company was pleased with the results. We proceeded to set up the artwork and run some test forms. During the test process, we decided to invest in some new equipment to provide a higher quality barcode on the end product. We also recommended a change in paper stock to save money. The end company ended up awarding us the business, and we have now been producing large volume orders for them for over several years.


A distributor came to us with a unique label, matte with a spot gloss pattern overlay. The order had been produced by a different vendor, but the ink started chipping off the bottles once the label was applied. The original vendor remade the labels with their proposed solution and it was supposed to be better but had the same disappointing result. The distributor reached out to us and after a couple of meetings, we had a detailed analysis of the label and a proposed solution to the problem. We produced samples at no charge for our distributor to show their client. The end result was a much more durable label achieving this same tricky design all at a very competitive price point. The end client placed an order with this new alternative and, in the words of our distributor: “Thanks to Royal, I feel confidence has been restored.”


A local distributor had a large program established with a marketing company to provide them with materials. They were looking for ways to cut costs. We were able to streamline their processes in down, and therefore we were able to capture the business. Our suggestions included changing to a select list of standard inks, and redesigning the artwork to include lockup. Our full prepress department handle and modify their artwork as necessary to keep the layout and color consistent.